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Default Sign-On Policy

User_8SWGT Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hello, please help me reset my Oracle Cloud Account because I set the Default Sign-On Policy incorrectly, so I can't log in now. My account password is correct, but it prompts the login policy to deny access because I set it incorrectly. Please help me Reset my account or restore the default settings Thank you Email [email protected]

Cloud Account Name: nigelharper

I tried changing the password, but it didn't work. I can't log in to my account now. It only shows that the login policy denies access. It's stuck in an infinite loop. The original mailbox and the user mailbox I created now, a total of two users cannot log in.Can't log in at all, only prompts the login policy to deny access I really can't help it. Please help me reset my account settings! ! or contact me EMAIL [email protected] thank you guys