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OIM for automating the data transfer b/w source and the data hub (by adapter)

User_4AGHA Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


I am in a process of planning to develop an adapter for avoiding the errors during the communication between the Source Database and the Datahub and as well in a motive to automate the a set of process. My missions overview, Source -> Datahub -> Oracle Eloqua. We don't have an adapter in-between Source and Datahub, so there are processes which are handled manually at the moment. In order to avoid the workload and to improvise the marketing efforts on Oracle Eloqua. We are in a plan to develop an adapter in between the Source and Datahub. For this, we are not only indeed of concatenating the Last name and First name, Uppercase or Lowercase but we have a bit more multiple complex aspects that wanted to be automized. Whether Oracle Identity Manager supports only the above aspects or it is suitable for different aspects of automation by means of adapter.

Context: Instead of building an own adapter for our purposes whether I can use the Oracle Identity Manager - Adapter to handle multiple tasks.

Please! I request someone to help me to understand and start my adapter Project. Thank You