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Using Bearer Token to use as authorization instead of Basic Auth to call Get Worker REST API

Prashant Sinha
Prashant Sinha Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon


I've been trying to use bearer token to perform a GET call using REST API (hcmRestApi/resources/ I've have roles assigned as basic Auth works like a charm (unless bearer token authorization needs other privileges).

I've created a certification and uploaded in API Authentication under Security Console (see 1st screenshot).

This is my JWT & I'm generating encoded signature from


 "alg": "RS256",

 "typ": "JWT",

 "x5t": "base64 encoded value"



 "iss": "",

 "prn": "myusername",

 "iat": 1657787417,

 "exp": 1670869236


I'm sure I'm missing something here as everytime I'm trying Postman is throwing 401 unauthorized error.

Any help towards its resolution will be helpful.

Thanks in advance