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Dyndns domain name appearing in google searches for other website

User_XTLSY Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I have been using dyndns for some years. Primarily for things like security cam dvr access. One current host domain is set to my Comcast IP address. On this side of my router I do port forwarding to open specific ports to a Terminal Server, FTP Server and IRC chat server. The ports are forwarded to the various PC's on my Lan from the router and I just need to specify tthe one address followed by the :port and traffic goes as expected.

I have also registered a standard top level .com address at namecheap. Port 80 is forwarded to my wordpress appliance IP address. I set an A Record at namecheap pointing to my comcast IP and my site fires up with that domain name. Also, all my other stuff is working....But here's the catch:

My site is setup in google search console and is indexed. If I do a google search on things that should be a trigger for finding my blog site, the google searches are displaying my blog content but reporting the site as my dyndns host address. If I put my dyndsn domain in the browser address bar it loads the blog. If I put the desired domain name from namecheap in the address bar it also loads the blog.

I'm thinking I know what needs to be done--I need different webhop- addresses for the Terminal Server, FTP and chat servers so there are not 2 top level domains associated with my IP address from comcast...?