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OEM 13.5 extremely slow

user1994048 Member Posts: 40 Blue Ribbon
edited Jul 21, 2022 9:38AM in Enterprise Manager


I first tried with 13.3, then upgraded to 13.4, then upgraded to 13.5. It was still slow.

Then I made a clean installation with 13.5. Almost waste my two days for installations and upgrades between OEM versions...

I just want to monitor my RAC DB. I added as database. Entering Target->Database page or Performance Home is fast enough. I dont have problem on those pages. However, When I want to enter Advisor Home, performance problems starts.I cant even enter Advisor Home -> Sql Advisors

So, One of the problematic URL is /racAdvisorTasks. When I look via f12 inspect, generally it takes 8 mins to enter the home page of Advisor Home. But sometimes me as a client, cannot get a response and receive a message from browser as "...... didnt give any response". It is really annoying.

By the way I saw some 600 sec. stucked thread logs unders: gc_inst/user_projects/domains/GCDomain/servers/EMGC_OMS1/logs. I updated this value to 1200 sec. Ofcourse, it does not have an impact on performance.

Specs of OEM machine:

4 core


4146 MB PGA AND 6244 SGA

DB definitely doesnt have any problem. the problem must be on JAVA / Weblogic / Application side. So, I would really appricated if one can help me.


I also had some problems on browsers. I generally use Chrome with disable cache option. When the session stucks, I clear cookie session of EM.