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Is is possible Max Availability mode with ASYNC NOAFFIRM in Dataguard

Vimalshu Member Posts: 43 Red Ribbon

In our data-guard Env( DB version, Protection mode was set Max Availability with "SYNC AFFIRM". Recently It is changed to "ASYNC NOAFFIRM" without changing the protection mode to Max Performance. So my question is, In this scenario how does it behave ,Is it behave as Max Performance mode? I have asked the same question to the person who changed it then he replied " The log archive dest setting overrides whatever the database setting (v$database) ".

So I am bit confuse, If this is the case then what is the need of changing protection mode if we can do this by just changing the setting of log archive dest. Since I was assuming async noaffirm setting is with Max Performance mode,Which is a default mode.

We can do this setting (async noaffirm) with Max protection mode when we are going for FAR SYNC (12c new feature).But that need asperate configuration (Like creating instance with redo and datafile).

log_archive_dest_2 service="XXXXX", ASYNC NOAFFIRM delay=0 optional compression=enable max_failure=0 reopen=300 db_unique_name="XXXX" nonet_timeout, valid_for=(online_logfile, all_roles)