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switchover_status = Not Allowed in New Primary (Old Standby) Database. How can i fix it?

Yunus Nogay
Yunus Nogay Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I have set up data guard. It was correctly working. Then i switched databases that primary and standby. After switchover, i checked is new primary acting like primary. İ checked database_role's each of them and there is no mistake.

Primary converted standby database. Standby converted primary. But there is no connection between log files (no real time apply anymore) i think, because when i insert some value in my test table in my database then enter switch log file command (alter system switch logfile), it is not sending it to the new standby.

And also even my new stanby db's swicthover_status=TO PRIMARY, my new primary db's swicthover_status=NOT ALLOWED.

How can i fix it?

NOTE: I used sqlplus to switchover. I have standby_log lifes both.


NAME                          TYPE       VALUE                             

------------------------------ ----------- ----------------------------------

audit_syslog_level            string                                        

commit_logging                string                                        

db_create_online_log_dest_1   string                                        

db_create_online_log_dest_2   string                                        

db_create_online_log_dest_3   string                                        

db_create_online_log_dest_4   string                                        

db_create_online_log_dest_5   string                                        

enable_ddl_logging            boolean    FALSE                             

log_archive_config            string     DG_CONFIG=(orcl,orcl_stby)        

log_archive_dest              string                                        

log_archive_dest_state_1      string     ENABLE                            

log_archive_dest_state_10     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_11     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_12     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_13     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_14     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_15     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_16     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_17     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_18     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_19     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_2      string     ENABLE                            

log_archive_dest_state_20     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_21     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_22     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_23     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_24     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_25     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_26     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_27     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_28     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_29     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_3      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_30     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_31     string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_4      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_5      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_6      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_7      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_8      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_state_9      string     enable                            

log_archive_dest_1            string     LOCATION=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST

log_archive_dest_10           string                                        

log_archive_dest_11           string                                        

log_archive_dest_12           string                                        

log_archive_dest_13           string                                        

log_archive_dest_14           string                                        

log_archive_dest_15           string                                        

log_archive_dest_16           string                                        

log_archive_dest_17           string                                        

log_archive_dest_18           string                                        

log_archive_dest_19           string                                        

log_archive_dest_2            string                                        

log_archive_dest_20           string                                        

log_archive_dest_21           string                                        

log_archive_dest_22           string                                        

log_archive_dest_23           string                                        

log_archive_dest_24           string                                        

log_archive_dest_25           string                                        

log_archive_dest_26           string                                        

log_archive_dest_27           string                                        

log_archive_dest_28           string                                        

log_archive_dest_29           string                                        

log_archive_dest_3            string                                        

log_archive_dest_30           string                                        

log_archive_dest_31           string                                        

log_archive_dest_4            string                                        

log_archive_dest_5            string                                        

log_archive_dest_6            string                                        

log_archive_dest_7            string                                        

log_archive_dest_8            string                                        

log_archive_dest_9            string                                        

log_archive_duplex_dest       string                                        

log_archive_format            string     %t_%s_%r.dbf                      

log_archive_max_processes     integer    4                                 

log_archive_min_succeed_dest  integer    1                                 

log_archive_start             boolean    FALSE                             

log_archive_trace             integer    0                                 

log_buffer                    big integer 7360K                             

log_checkpoint_interval       integer    0                                 

log_checkpoints_to_alert      boolean    FALSE                             

log_checkpoint_timeout        integer    1800                              

log_file_name_convert         string                                        

remote_login_passwordfile     string     EXCLUSIVE                         

sec_case_sensitive_logon      boolean    TRUE                              

sec_max_failed_login_attempts integer    3                                 

unified_audit_common_systemlog string                                        

unified_audit_systemlog       string                                        

uniform_log_timestamp_format  boolean    TRUE