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Is it possible to group Journal lines by description while transferring from SLA to GL?

I was checking a customer requirement where bank provide in the bank account statement the payment batch amount grouped like in below example (60, 130) and not the single vendor disbursment (10, 20, 30, 50, 80)

We are on Oracle Fusion SAAS.

I was thinking if it is possible somehow to get this result by standard setup, I checked the accounting rules to see if it is possible to group lines booked on "bank account", I checked the bank setups, I checked Summarization option (Group by GL date or period), thinking also about where this have to be done (in SLA or transferring toGL)... but I'm not able to set this requirement

Anyone did this before and/or know if it is feasible?

thank you in advance for your support

Best Regards

Pietro Papaioannu