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Facing OPA-GIP-100 error in Oracle intelligent advisor


We are Facing OPA-GIP-100 error

Error Description: Error for Input operation of policy model HCM System fi: Instance of object global does not start with the required @id property

We are trying to fetch HCM data on oracle intelligent advisor interview screen. We have created two integrations load and save which are reflected in OIA connection. But we are unable to view interview screen. Error snapshot is attached for reference.

Please help to resolve the issue.



  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 439 Bronze Trophy
    edited Aug 4, 2022 1:03PM

    Hi Aarti

    Well, the error message is in relation to the generic integration so I would begin by checking in Integration Cloud Service. I would also suggest enabling the debug log on the deployed interview for a short period, then running the interview and checking the debug log output. That usually helps understand the error a little more.

    This is especially useful to look at the payloads sent / received as well as any other logged information.

    I am sure you know how to access it, but for the benefit of others reading this - below is a short snippet showing how to reach / enable / view the debug log for a deployment. Before enabling it you should carefully consider the information displayed in yellow in the dialog.

    Let us know what you get from these sources.

    You can also read about it in the online documentation.