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Repository delete fails. How to remove?

user6745284 Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

I deleted an unused repository to allow me to remove the storage unit. The repository was presented to only one server in the cluster, as it is the case for its underlying disk, via iscsi.

The delete operation was saying "Running" for a long time. All the folders in the repository were deleted, but nothing more. It is still listed as mounted:

/dev/mapper/36090a058d09682efa261d5acaac55331 on /OVS/Repositories/0004fb000003000096ec531790e458ee type ocfs2 (rw,_netdev,heartbeat=global)

mounted.ocfs2 -d on that server never finishes.

I was able to release ownership, at least ovm thinks so.

The repository list shows it with a lock and it has a critical error type: "repository.empty."


I'd like to remove this. What can I do?