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DB 19c MultitenantLicensing

User_HP4ZY Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Hi, My current licensing allows me to have 1 multitenant with max 3 PDBs. As of now we already have the 3 PDBs but one of them is used for metadata - it has been created to hold the RCU schemas created to support other Oracle products that we have.

My questions are:

1) The licensing manual says: "For all offerings, if you are not licensed for Oracle Multitenant, then you may have up to 3 user-created PDBs in a given container database at any time.". The point here is the user-created PDBs. Is the PDB used for the RCU schemas considered to be a user-created PDB?

2) Considering that the licensing is per "cores", does it allow me to have more than 1 CDB (with 3 PDBs each) in the same machine if we keep the same number of cores unchanged?

Many thx for the clarification.