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All disks storage j4400 are unavailable and unknown

User_KGYV0 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I have Sun storage appliance 7410, which it served faithfully all last years. But I needed to replace a motherboard on head (SUN x4440), then radiator came unstuck of one of the Dual 4x3Gb External SAS HBA, fell on motherbord and shorted out it. After replacement that Sun storage works fine but does not see all disks on shelves j4400.

System's pool is normal. Chassis is ok. Paths are 2. LSI controller before loading identifies all 24 disks correctly.


maintenance chassis-001 disk-000> ls


                       label = HDD 0

                     present = true

                     faulted = false

                         use = peer

                         rpm = --

                   pathcount = 0

                      locate = false

and all disks in such condition. BUI shows "none" in Verify and allocate devices.

Disks shelves:

HDD 0   unavailable   --   -   Peer      

HDD 1   unavailable   --   -   Peer      

HDD 2   unavailable   --   -   Peer


Logs are empty.

Is there some way to identify disks massive again after motherbord replacement?

 tell me please what I'm missing.....