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Weblogic 10.3.6 manage servers startup arguments

resslers Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

Our organization is running EBS 12.2.10 which relies on WLS 10.3.6. Recently, we modified the startup arguments for our managed servers, but when we clone the instance, the updated startup arguments are not in the clone target's managed servers. I opened an SR with Oracle to ask how to manage this issue within EBS, but no solution was provided - other than updating them after the clone by logging into the weblogic admin console (not feasible since there are a lot of managed servers and we clone frequently). Searching for a template I could modify to preserve these startup arguments during cloning. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,




  • Ankur Shrivastava
    Ankur Shrivastava Member Posts: 31 Blue Ribbon


    You could try creating a python script that would navigate through JDBCDataSources, ConnectionPools, and Managed Server settings and update the value defined in the python file.

    The python file can then be invoked using WLST. Here is a sample code to connect to the WL.

    username = "epm_admin"

    password = "*******"

    #============= ===========

    #Connect To Domain


       if username != "":

          connect(username, password, 't3://localhost:7001')

          print 'Successfully connected to the domain\n'


           connect(userConfigFile=UCF, userKeyFile=UKF, url=admurl)

           print 'Successfully connected to the domain\n'


        print 'The domain is unreachable. Please try again\n'