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OBIA on linux domain-registry.xml not found

Hi team,

I am currently installing obia on linux and i am facing an error when trying to Configure Oracle Analytics Server

When i am trying to execute the step below, i am receiving an error mentinning the file domain-registry.xml not found

Error: Could not find or load main class –jar
[[email protected] scripts]$ java -jar obia.config.jar /tmp/input.txt
[2022-09-04 11:30:25 INFO] You're running BIApps config on LINUX environment
[2022-09-04 11:30:25 INFO] Setting LDAP type to embedded, OID configuration must be carried out post provisioning
[2022-09-04 11:30:25 INFO] Copying cloud replicator config template(s) ..
[2022-09-04 11:30:25 INFO]
[2022-09-04 11:30:25 INFO] Reading domain dir ...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: /opt/apps/xxx/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_BI/domain-registry.xml not found
    at oracle.obia.config.IntroSpectDomain.readDomainInfo(
    at oracle.obia.config.ConfigApps.getDomainPath(
    at oracle.obia.config.ConfigApps.callLocalFunction(
    at oracle.obia.config.ConfigApps.configureBIApps(
    at oracle.obia.config.ConfigApps.main(

Is one of you face this issue ?

Here the documentation i am following :

Best regards,