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How do REST finders work in receivables?

Hi Gurus.

Does anyone have experience with using ‘finders’ query parameters in Oracle’s REST LOV services?

There seems to be very limited documentation around the use of these.

We have a need to use more than one value for the Finder Variables, similar to a SQL “in” clause”.

For example, the Receivables Transaction Types LOV (transactionTypesLOV) has three pre-defined finders to retrieve with DM, CM or INV Transaction Types. These all have a ‘SetName’ Finder variable. This is defined as the name of the reference data set value used within the context of transaction setups that are retrieved through various reference resources.

However, in the case of Receivables, Oracle has the concept of a ‘Common Set’ and specific sets for Business Units, hence we need to pass two values to the Finder Variable.

It seems we must use the ‘finder=’ syntax otherwise the GET request fails. We have tried a lot of syntax variations but the only ones that work are where there’s only one variable value.

This fails:

{{ServerName}}/fscmRestApi/resources/;SetName={Italy BU Set,Common Set)

This works but only returns one set of data:

{{ServerName}}/fscmRestApi/resources/;SetName={Common Set)

How can we use the pre-defined Finder query variables with multiple values?

Also, what’s the syntax if one of the values we need to use is a null. Is there an equivalent nvl syntax?

Thanks in anticipation!