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What's your EM agent memory usage?

User51642 Yong Huang
User51642 Yong Huang Member Posts: 170 Bronze Badge

On some of our database servers, the EM agent process "<path>/java ... oracle.sysman.gcagent.tmmain.TMMain" (spawned from "<path>/perl ... /u01/app/oracle/agent/agent_inst/sysman/log/emagent.nohup") is using about 1.7 GB resident set memory (real RAM memory usage; check by `top' under RES column, or by `ps -orss -p<pid>'). I know everybody's case is different and memory usage depends on lots of factors. But what's the memory usage of this process on your servers? Do you think 1.7 GB is excessive? Thanks.

(There doesn't seem to be memory leak. We're using the latest version of EM agent.)