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Make Cloud Object meta data more easily accessible and updateable with DBMS_Cloud

Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 13, 2022 1:34PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Add DBMS_Cloud.Put_Object And Get_Object parameters to include object metadata as json payload allowing metadata to be attached to Objects more easily. Provide ability to attach metadata when adding object using CLI as well. Only option currently is to manually enter metadata when manually uploading an object.

First, makes DBMS_Cloud.Get_Metadata more valuable… 

Second, makes it possible to add metadata to objects when creating or updating them. Examples include automated process on sFTP server Compute Instance using CLI to place the files in object storage with ability to attach metadata such as originator, file type, etc.; similarly when adding objects through an APEX or other application being able to add descriptive information that can be used later when querying those objects and reporting and processing them.

Joe Kerr
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