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Admin server not create port 7001 after started.

User_HOHFP Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

Firewall is off

Admin Server only create another port

While starting log stuck in here

 <JMX> <BEA-149512> <JMX Connector Server started at service:jmx:iiop://....

this is weblogic server cluster

AdminServer ->

APP1 ->

APP2 ->

OHS Server ->

and using connecton DB to

Maybe anyone can help me for this case, please...



  • Hello ,

    AdminServer is listening on and able to connect to Managed server on APP1 and APP2. Screenshot shows the connection establishments.

    Check for the port which are in Listening state and also verify the AdminServer is listening on which port either in config.xml or from WLS console.

    Login to AdminConsole--->Server-->Configuration--->ListenPort (Change it if required)!