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The ShowMe command is not available in Word.


I have just started seeing this error when attempting to open a word rule document.

Intelligent Advisor version 22B and Word Microsoft 365.

Any ideas on how I could resolve this.

Thanks Ian

Best Answers

  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier EuropeMember Posts: 546 Bronze Trophy

    Hi @Elena Cavia Palacios , @James Woon - Monad

    In my case in 22C, removing the October 16 release 370:

    And replacing it with the November 6 (as in, a couple of days ago) release 373:

    Caused the issue to disappear. So there has definitely been some work behind the scenes. I also noticed an Office update was installed on the 6th November on my machine.

    I appreciate not everyone is on 22C on every environment so different results may occur elsewhere, but hats off to Oracle Intelligent Advisor team @Fiona Guy-Oracle for turning it around!

  • Fiona Guy-Oracle
    Fiona Guy-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager Member, Moderator Posts: 134 Employee
    Answer ✓

    Resolved - it looks like MS fixed it on their side, and Intelligent Advisor has been tweaked in 22D to avoid it being an issue in future. Please report any fresh issues.