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unable to login weblogic admin console 12c

User_6Q7WR Posts: 1 Employee
edited Nov 15, 2022 10:49AM in WebLogic

we are getting below error message, could you please help on this how to fix this.

A serious condition has been detected which prevents the proper operation of the Weblogic Administration Console.

It's likely that this condition is the result of a configuration problem.

<BEA-423420> <Redirect is executed in begin or refresh action. Redirect url is /console/jsp/common/CriticalError.jsp.>

<Warning> <Socket> <BEA-000449> <Closing the socket, as no data read from it on 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:62,511 during the configured idle timeout of 5 seconds.>

<Error> <Console> <BEA-240003> <Administration Console encountered the following error: weblogic.descriptor.DescriptorValidateException: The following failures occurred:

-- Reference to NewObdx by [base_domain]/AppDeployments[DMS Application#]/Targets is ambigous;

The following beans share this name:

- [email protected]([base_domain]/Servers[NewObdx])

- [email protected]([base_domain]/Clusters[NewObdx])

-- Reference to NewObdx by [base_domain]/AppDeployments[coherence-transaction-rar]/Targets is ambigous;



  • Based on the log info;

    The above problem usually comes when there are some common names in configuration. Each server within a domain must have a name that is unique for all configuration objects in the domain. Within a domain, each server, machine, cluster, JDBC connection pool, virtual host, and any other resource type must be named uniquely.

    Follow below steps to solve the issue

    1. Stop the processes (if any are in running state)
    2. Back up the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/config.xml file
    3. Edit the config.xml file to make sure that all configuration objects in the domain are named uniquely.
    4. Remove any other copies of config.xml, for example, from $DOMAIN_HOME/config/pending.
    5. Start/Restart the admin server, then any managed servers.

    The above steps should solve the issue.