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Monitoring of AWS RDS SQL Server 2019 targets

inkadinka Member Posts: 12 Red Ribbon

we are running EMCC 13.5 RU11 on

OMS is running Redhat Linux

OMR is running on AWS RDS Oracle Custom

we are currently using it to monitor AWS RDS Oracle 19c targets, and it works fine, because the AWS RDS Oracle managed service has an option to install the Oracle Management Agent through the Automation,

we now wanted to try to use the SQL Server plugin to monitor AWS RDS SQL Server 2019 instances.

question 1) can we monitor an SQL Server without having to install the Agent locally ? when i read the documentation it seems that this is possible and is referred to as "remote monitoring"

question 2) our OMS is a Linux OMS, and therefore it is not possible to download/install the SQL Server Plugin, because it is a Windows only Plugin.

can we have a setup with two OMSses ( one RedHat Linux ) and ( two Windows 2019) ? that point to the same OMR ?