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Facing issues in Federated Caching - Member left service automatically issue

User_5JD87 Member Posts: 8 Green Ribbon
edited Jan 3, 2023 4:09PM in Coherence Support

We have 2 clusters, one from NY-primary and another from LN-secondary.

Implemented the Federated Caching changes for cache synch from NY to LN.

Oracle Coherence Version#

But facing issue while load the cache in NY, due to the "(thread=DistributedCache: FeddevDistributedPofService, member=11): Member 10 left service FeddevDistributedPofService with senior member 1"

Attached the "tangosol-coherence-override.xml" and complete error log.

Please help to fix the issue.

It would be great if you could share some sample project source code for Federated Caching.



  • Randy Stafford-Oracle
    Randy Stafford-Oracle Member Posts: 25 Employee

    Hello, have you created a Service Request with Oracle Support for this?

  • P Fry-Oracle
    P Fry-Oracle Member Posts: 81 Employee
    edited Jan 4, 2023 8:24PM

    Hi User_5JD87,

    Based on the log snippet, it looks like this member is in a Coherence cluster which currently has no storage enabled members for service FeddevDistributedPofService. We would need more information to find out what happened to the storage enabled members. As @Randy Stafford-Oracle mentions, the best way to get help on this would be via a Service Request with Oracle Support.

    A few other comments...

    From the log snippet it looks like you are running with an unpatched Coherence version? I suggest getting the latest patch for Coherence which at this time is Oracle Coherence Java

    I reviewed the tangosol-coherence-override file. With a two cluster federation topology, I suggest using an <active-active> or an <active-passive> topology. In terms of sample source code for federated caching, the majority of federation is set up via cache and operational configuration. The federation documentation has several configuration snippets. If you are referring to federation conflict resolution via interceptors, there are examples for this in the documentation as well. For example the "MyInterceptor" federation change interceptor here: Processing Federated Change Events

    Hope this helps,