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OVS Server Upgrade from v3.2.2-52 to 3.2.11

[[email protected] bin]# ./ -u admin -v OVSSERVERISL

Enter your OVM Manager password:

Tue Jan 3 15:33:13 2023 INFO:

Tue Jan 3 15:33:13 2023 INFO: UpgradeServers script starting...

Tue Jan 3 15:33:13 2023 INFO: OVM Manager version:

Tue Jan 3 15:33:13 2023 INFO: Command line args: ['', '-v', 'OVSSERVERISL']

Tue Jan  3 15:33:13 2023 INFO:  Server: OVSSERVERISL. Transition Server Update Repository: 3.3_trans_repo, URL/path: http://oovm-manager/repos/Transition

Tue Jan 3 15:33:14 2023 FATAL: No OVS Server Update Repository with a name of '3.3_ovs_repo' was found for server: OVSSERVERISL. Please create a new update repository with that name.

Tue Jan 3 15:33:14 2023 INFO: Log file is available at /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/ovm_tools/bin/UpgradeServers.log

Tue Jan 3 15:33:14 2023 INFO: UpgradeServers script stopping...

When i try to upgrade this ERROR, messages came, please help to come you this problem

OVM Manager version: