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ORA-16397 trying to use Active Data Guard DML Redirection in a pluggable database

Andy Haack
Andy Haack Zürich, SwitzerlandMember Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon


I'm trying to use Active Data Guard DML Redirection.

I set up a standby database which works in READ ONLY WITH APPLY mode.

I use the following doc as a guideline:

Active Data Guard DML Redirection 19c (Doc ID 2465016.1)

It works fine for me in the Standby CDB. E.g: sqlplus [email protected] as sysdba

But when I connect to the Standby PDB and try to perform an insert or create a gtt, I recieve the following error:

ORA-16397: statement redirection from Oracle Active Data Guard standby database to primary database failed

The similar error is displayed in the generated trace file

ORA-16397: primary database could not be reached

Please let me know if any additional configuration is required to use this feature in the standby pluggable databases?

Thank you