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The harcoded sensor values are not working

883761 Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon

Hello experts,

I have an urgent query. We are migrating to OCI. While migrating the composites, the hardcoded sensor values are not reflecting on the EM console. We are getting below error in the logs:

Please help with this issue.



  • Andrew.soutar-Oracle
    Andrew.soutar-Oracle Member Posts: 4 Employee

    Migrating alone to OCI would not change the way sensors function. There are three options when moving to OCI:

    1. SOA installed on top of OCI.
    2. SOA Marketplace (
    3. SOACS - replaced by SOAMP (

    Moving with Option 1. You can move to the exact version that you have running On-Prem. Sugested latest version SOA

    What documentation are you using to migrate?

    What version are you currently using?

    This issue may need a deeper diver then what is available on this community. Please log a SR to SOA Support and we will assign an engineer to assist in resolving this issue.