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Error Database exception resulting in nonresponding directory server

we found in the errors logfile

category=SYNC severity=MILD_ERROR msgID=14876739 msg=Could not replay operation ModifyOperation(connID=-1, opID=27459, dn=uid=john.doe,o=company) with ChangeNumber 00000185df954d34147a00005c63 error Other Database exception: (JE 7.0.7) Lock expired. Locker 1608766730 390873701_Replication Replay thread 3_Txn: waited for lock on database=o_company_id2entry LockAddr:1832727115

and in access log:

An error occurred while attempting to update password policy state information for user uid=john.doe,o=company



  • DebA-Oracle
    DebA-Oracle Member Posts: 29 Employee

    What is the WHOLE entry in the access log? What is the error code in the access log, etc?

  • User_LQMOL
    User_LQMOL Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    [19/Jan/2023:07:42:51 +0100] BIND RES conn=47056220 op=0 msgID=1 result=80 message="An error occurred while attempting to update password policy state information for user uid=john.doe,o=company: Database exception: (JE 7.0.7) Environment must be closed, caused by: Environment invalid because of previous exception: (JE 7.0.7) /data/fmw/ldap11/OUD/db/userRoot java.lang.InterruptedException THREAD_INTERRUPTED: InterruptedException may cause incorrect internal state, unable to continue. Environment is invalid and must be closed." authFailureID=196887 authFailureReason="The password provided by the user did not match any password(s) stored in the user's entry" etime=11150399

    Interesting is also the "etime" which is a hint to the hanging system. this error message was written at the time when we stopped the oud instance.

  • DebA-Oracle
    DebA-Oracle Member Posts: 29 Employee

    Did the issue happen while you were attempting to stop the server, or was there a hang and then you attempted to restart the server?

    I'm wondering if the user entry was the issue or the red herring to the actual issue.

    What is the version of OUD?