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Business Objects on 10G RAC

SuperMario Member Posts: 3
edited Mar 29, 2007 1:46PM in Real Application Clusters
Hello, we are trying to create a 24X7 reporting environment using BO/Crystal on Linux RH 64 bit and Oracle 10g RAC. Any one has done something similar? The concern is that BO says it supports 10G only. I guess they mean they developed on 10G not 10G RAC. So, probably they don't monitor RAC error codes. That is a concern. Oracle says RAC should be transparent, like working on one database and one instance. When you think 400 users generating reports wanting records on same data block, the trafic in the interconnect will be heavy. Would stanby be a better solution? Any feedback will be appreciated.


  • Erikp-Oracle
    Erikp-Oracle Member Posts: 190
    I know of several customers who are using Business Objects w/ RAC successfully.
    Vanderbuilt University is doing so w/ BO 5.1.4 (might have been updated since I heard) and are doing it quite extensively.

    I'm sorry I don't have the details on how BO is configured, but at least I thought it would be helpful to know it is possible.

    Maybe someone who is doing so will post their experiences.
  • Msrac-Oracle
    Msrac-Oracle Member Posts: 120
    There are RAC customers around the world who currently use Business Objects against a RAC 10g database. Since BO is a reporting tool, most of the workload will be read. If you are using parallel query with 400 users, you may want to tune so that the parallel slaves stay within an instance. This should work fine across a RAC cluster.

    Yes the interconnect traffic may be higher especially if you use inter - instance parallelism. Your post suggests that all your reports will go after the same data block....if that is the case, the data block will be cached in memory and will only get shipped across the interconnect once. This will not have a high impact on the interconnect.
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