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Applet Hyperion Web Analysis Client 9.3 do not initiate

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edited Sep 17, 2007 4:10PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting
We have installed Hyperion Web Analysis 9.3 on IBM Websphere however we have some problems when we try to enter Web Analysis URL (http://localhost:16000/WebAnalysis/WebAnalysis.jsp) due to Applet Web Analysis Client do not initiate. We had checked Web Analysis logs and we found the next error:

[9/7/07 20:39:08:185 CDT] 0000000a ServletWrappe E SRVE0100E: Did not realize init() exception thrown by servlet InitServlet:$ServiceRecursiveInitException: Could not start critical service: "naming.synchronizer", all services are being rolled back.

at com.hyperion.analyzer.servlet.HYAInitServlet.init(Unknown Source)
at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init(

It seems this error is involved with JNDI.

Any help will be great


  • Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong Member Posts: 143 Blue Ribbon
    We had a couple issues like this, not sure if they are the same. We did not complete the configuration before starting the Web Analysis application server and had errors initializing the applet from the client. Make sure that is done first. Next, we had problems starting the "Core Services" service and found we were missing 5 jar files from the lib folder. It is still a mystery as how they were deleted. The 5 missing jars were: foundations.jar, iona63.jar, comutil1_01.jar, logi.crypto1.1.2.jar, netcharts.jar. Also, has a specific startup sequence for the services. Look in Appendix A of the BI+ installation guide.
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