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MDM 9.3 and CSS Authentication

Hello All,

I installed MDM 9.3 selecting the MIX authentication option and everything works fine when I'm using internal authentication, I need to enable CSS authentication and this is what I did:

-Install Shared services 9.2 where the MDM server is running
-Update the system path and class path in the CSS section of the MDM console pointing to the right path
-Restart the server
Click on enable CSS, when I do this I'm getting this error:

LoadLibrary("E:\Hyperion\master Data Management\mdm_ntier_css_validator.dll") failed, the specified mudule could'n t be found.

I see the same error when I'm manually trying to register the specific dll doing this on a DOS command prompt window :

regsvr32 mdm_ntier_css_validator.dll

Any ideas?, any help would be really appreciated


Miguel Sanchez
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