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IR: Dow to determine group membership?

mcahren Member Posts: 33
edited Oct 18, 2007 11:46PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting
Is there a way to tell what System 9 native group that a user belongs to from IR?

I have a bqy document that can be opened by users from several different groups, and I would like to branch code based on what group the user is a member of.

I tried to find this in the System 9 BI repository, as well as the Shared Services repository, and couldn't find it. I'm afraid that this may only reside inside the openldap database..



  • 595013
    595013 Member Posts: 22
    I am not sure of your exact need but there is an IR feature (been there for a while from Brio 6) called row-level security. It allows you to create a hidden join to limit the data in a table based on who runs the bqy. For example, if you have 5 markets - East, West, North, South, Central and 20 locations with 4 locations in each of those markets. You also have a column called Location_ID in your fact data tables. Let us say you have a table called Orders with columns Order_ID, Order_Description, Location_ID. To use row-level security, you create a table say RLSTable with columns such as Group_ID, Location_ID where Group_ID values are East, West, North, South and Central.

    There is a BQY tool (you can find it in a folder such as C:\Hyperion\BIPlus\docs\en\row_level_security.bqy) that you use to administer the groups, users and the security restrictions. I would recommend that you copy the row_level_security.bqy to some other location and use that copied copy.
    You use this tool to define which groups have restrictions. It uses a specific set of tables created during the install (but can be created later as well) that maintain the row-level security data.

    So if a user from West group will run a query on the Orders table, the user will only see the data for Locations with Location_ID matching West group in the RLSTable. The user would not need to define a limit in their bqy file as it will automatically be added behind the scene.

    * Chapter 22 of this PDF:


  • 552406
    552406 Member Posts: 194

    Row Level Security is a good option..


    You can create groups add users to these groups provision them accordingly.


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