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Workflow criteria operator

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edited Oct 8, 2008 11:39AM in WebCenter Content

Does anyone know how to change the operator in a criteria workflow ? (By default, it is "matches" and I would like to have "contains" or "substring")

Thank you in advance


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    has somebody already got an answer to this question? I've got the same problem. I want to add a subscription where a number in a field is higher than a defined value.

  • 596868
    596868 Member Posts: 33
    I'll answer both questions:
    1)There is not a way to change "matches" to "substring" within the workflow admin applet. What you can do is get your documents to enter the workflow by using a more generic field value (like DocType) and then in the entry event script you add your custom logic to kick everything out of workflow that doesn't match your substring criteria.
    Workflow Admin applet: dDocType Matches Documentation
    Step1 entry event:
    <$if strIndexOf(dDocTitle, "Some Substring") <0$>
    <$wfExit(100, 100)$>

    2) You have the same problem with subscriptions (no way to use any operator other than matches through the interface). To get around that you'll need to create a custom component to do your notifications. If you'd rather not have to recreate the logic necessary for that you can look into a solution like Subscription Notifier to send out all sorts of notifications to users or administrators including subscriptions based on the "greater than 'x'" criteria that you are talking about. There is more information on our website

    Hope that helps,
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