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Planning 9.3.1 - Outline Load Utility

masethur Member Posts: 1
edited Jan 22, 2009 9:35AM in Planning and Budgeting
Hi Planning Team,

I am using Planning 9.3.1. Where can I find the 'Outline Load Utility' and the documentation related to its usage for mass-metadata-load?



  • Dornakal
    Dornakal Member Posts: 424
    We use HAL (Hyperion Apllication Link) to do mass load of meta data.
  • AussieHyp
    AussieHyp Member Posts: 39 Blue Ribbon
    While HAL is still ok to use, I'd prefer to use ODI as HAL is no longer supported for System 9.3 and above. You would save yourself a lot of rework if you go with ODI.
  • user640496
    user640496 Member Posts: 551

    I am new to Hyperion Planning technology.

    I have few doubts regarding Meta data and data loading.

    I am aware that we can load data into Essbase cubes and see it from Web Forms.

    Can we load data directly into webforms?

    Can we load meta data into essbase? or loading meta data through HAL to hyperion planning application?

    I understand that we can load data into Essbase and not clear whether we can load data into Hyperion Planning and also metadata..

    I request you to clarify me this asap.

    Thanks alot in advance for your help..


  • 641721
    641721 Member Posts: 253
    {color:#999999}Potentially you can load data through webforms. But I would rather load the data directly into Essbase using load rules.

    You can't load meta data into Essbase as its governed by Planning. When you do a database refresh, Essbase outline is synchronised with planning.

    The data (actual numbers) resides in Essbase and dimensions are defined in Planning.

    I hope it helps.


  • 664926
    664926 Member Posts: 7
    We are experiencing the same. Did you ever get instructions for performing an outline extravt/load? Going through all the user forums, we have not been able to find info that was helpful.

    Any guidance you can provide would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Dornakal
    Dornakal Member Posts: 424
    edited Jan 22, 2009 9:35AM
    Hi Linda,
    i used to do extract the meatdata from essbase using outline extractor and load to planning using HAL.
    if you are looking for something similar i can email you teh HAL routines to load metadata.
    Hope this helps.
    -Dornakal ([email protected])

    Edited by: Dornakal on Jan 22, 2009 6:35 AM
  • 664926
    664926 Member Posts: 7

    I read your response in the Oracle user forum. I tried to send you an email, but got a delivery failure report. Do you have another email?

  • Dornakal
    Dornakal Member Posts: 424
    Hi Linda,
    there was a typo in my email address.
    can you please email to [email protected]

    thanks and regards,
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