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Shared Services 9.3.1 and MSAD Sync

user644291 Member Posts: 4
edited Nov 13, 2008 10:00AM in Hyperion Query and Reporting
I recently installed Shared Services 9.3.1 and Interactive Reporting on a Windows 2003 server with a SQL Server 2005 repository. I configured an MSAD user directory and it pulls in the users and groups. I want it to resync every 24 hours. When I started Shared Services and OpenLDAP, it gives me this in the SharedServices_SyncOpenLDAP.log:

2008-06-30 16:17:58,927 INFO - Intializing Sync Operation for OpenLDAP.
2008-06-30 16:17:58,927 INFO - Sync operation not activated.

The SharedServices_Security.log comes up with this:

2008-06-30 16:17:43,537 [main] WARN com.hyperion.css.common.configuration.CSSConfigurationImplXML.<init>(Unknown Source) - Skipping the validation of the configuration because the required validating parser library not found or errors in validation. This does not guarantee the proper initialization of the component.
2008-06-30 16:17:57,989 [Thread-8] WARN com.hyperion.css.spi.impl.msad.MSADCacheUpdater.resolveCircularDependency(Unknown Source) - INFO: Time to resolve circular dependency on the Cache for provider: Hyp_Ext_Auth is : 0
2008-06-30 16:17:57,989 [Thread-8] WARN com.hyperion.css.spi.impl.msad.MSADCacheUpdater.refreshProviderCache(Unknown Source) - INFO: Time to build Cache for provider: Hyp_Ext_Auth in millis is : 3546
2008-06-30 16:17:58,786 [main] WARN com.hyperion.css.CSSAPIImpl.initialize(Unknown Source) - The system has already been configured; skipping attempt to configure the system again with the new config file /C:/Hyperion/deployments/Tomcat5/SharedServices9/config/CSS.xml.
2008-06-30 16:18:43,848 [http-58080-Processor4] ERROR com.hyperion.css.CSSAPIImpl.initialize(Unknown Source) - Unable to get CSS.xml file or the file may be read only
2008-06-30 16:18:43,848 [http-58080-Processor4] WARN com.hyperion.css.CSSAPIImpl.initialize(Unknown Source) - The system has already been configured; skipping attempt to configure the system again with the new config file /null.

When I do a manual sync, I get this in the SharedServices_Metadata.log:

2008-06-30 16:17:38,943 [Thread-1] ERROR com.hyperion.eie.common.EIELog - Shared Services Version:
2008-06-30 16:17:38,943 [Thread-1] ERROR com.hyperion.eie.common.EIELog - Shared Services Drop Number: 9
2008-06-30 16:18:46,863 [http-58080-Processor2] WARN com.hyperion.eie.config.action.ConfigStatefulAction - Caught Authentication Exception config.error.required.credentials
at com.hyperion.eie.config.action.ConfigStatefulAction.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at com.hyperion.eie.config.action.ConfigStatefulAction.execute(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.processActionPerform(
at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool$
at Source)

However, the SharedServices_SyncOpenLDAP.log shows that it is done:

2008-06-30 16:18:47,020 INFO - Started performing sync operation.
2008-06-30 16:18:47,020 INFO - Started syncing Apps and Projects.
2008-06-30 16:18:47,301 INFO - Finished syncing Apps and Projects.
2008-06-30 16:18:47,348 INFO - Finished syncing Groups.
2008-06-30 16:18:47,348 INFO - Finished performing sync operation.
2008-06-30 16:19:37,675 INFO - Started performing sync operation.

As far as I can tell, it never resyncs again. I haven't changed the default password for Shared Services and I do get a connection to our active directory and it pulls in users and our 5 groups. I can log in with either the default native admin user or a MSAD account. I used sAMAccountName as our ID identity - it defaulted to OBJTguid, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

The CSS.xml is not read only and not corrupt ( I can open it with notepade). Should the MSAD account be added/provisioned?

Is there some provisioning I didn't do, or a patch needs to be installed or ?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • 665157
    665157 Member Posts: 56
    Were you able to resolve this problem ---- registering your application with sharedservices? Please share your thoughts and let me know what you did
    to get your HFM application registered and running. I am facing the same problem you were facing.
  • 665157
    665157 Member Posts: 56
    I am having the same problem you had with registering your application with Shared Services and MSAD Sync. I would liike to know how you resolved this problem. I would really appreciate your help.
  • SoL
    SoL Member Posts: 374
    Hi all,

    Did anybody got to know the reason & solution please?
  • 665157
    665157 Member Posts: 56
    Finally, I have found the problem for those using MSSQL 2000, Window 2000 Advanced Server, and Weblogic 9.2 and having problem creating application and opening application in WorkSpace.

    Resolution: Uninstall Weblogic 9.2 because it is not compatible with WorkSpace and replace the application server with Apache Tomcat. Then give full access to Admin in SQL Database Repository, Local Service, Batch Job, Dcomcnfg.exe.

    In Client, logon with admin and password without the domain and create application. Application can be created on the Web on the browser view by selecting Navigate, application, consolidation, create application.


    1. Install SharedServices 9.3.1

    2. Run the configuration utility and select Apache as your application server ------ no Weblogic

    3. Logon to SharedServices and configure the users directory ------ MSAD recommended

    4. Configure the provisioning

    5. Install Reporting and UIS WorkSpace and run the configuration utililty then the provisioning in SharedShared Services

    6. Install HFM 9.3.1 and run the configuration utility then the provisioning in SharedServices

    7. Install Smartview 9.3.1

    Finally, you have a working System 9 version 9.3.1 running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server
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