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Replacement for Oracle Portal 10.1.4

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edited Jul 7, 2008 1:11PM in WebLogic Portal
Is the WebLogic Portal a replacement for the Oracle Portal (10.1.4)?


  • PaKo
    PaKo Member Posts: 378
    Nobody knows. Oracle's strategy on replacing some of it's own components with BEA is still not clear nor published. WLP is much better (more performant, more user-friendly, supporting WSRP 2.0 and more other standards etc.) than Oracle's own Portal. Still, it is much more expensive. Portal 11g is planned to be released as part of AS 11g (with some more features like WSRP 2.0 support etc.). And all "roadmaps" are suggesting that now there is also WebCenter as alternative to Portal. So, I think it is all very messy and there is a chance that you may easily spend a lot of money on "dead" product. Even if they claim continuing support and development of all three products, it is not likely that there is a business model to keep them all at maximum pace. My guess is that winning combination would be if Oracle consolidates all three products into single one, with different licensing options (like SE1, SE, EE) for different customer needs.
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