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Weblogic Newbie - WSRP

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edited Jul 13, 2008 9:29AM in WebLogic Portal
Hi All... I'm working on a project where a Microsoft-based object will be exposed as a Portlet via WSRP. Before releasing it I'd like to make sure it works in a Weblogic Portal environment. I've downloaded and installed an eval version of Weblogic Portal from I also have the Portal Example Server running and have seen the DVT example. I'd like to add my portlet to that desktop. Two questions....

1) How do I make the portal aware of my portlet?

2) How can I then add the portlet to that desktop?

Many thanks!

-- Curt


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    Hi Curt,

    What you need is remote portlets. Pls follow the below link to build a remote portlet and then you can include the portlet in your portal and subsequently your desktop.

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    Thanks, Vishnu!

    Although, I have a license issue with the remote portlet, it otherwise worked like a charm.

    I was hoping to just use the DVT example as a test container, but it wasnt apparent how to do that. I've since found another tutorial and ended up creating a portal on my own. Nice environement. : )

    Thanks again!

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