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weblogic portal 9.2 (development versus staging)

Manjit Member Posts: 571
edited Jul 17, 2008 1:03PM in WebLogic Portal
am brand new to Weblogic portal.

I was going through 9.2 portal tutorial and came across 2 section

a)create a portal in your development environment
b)assembling a desktop in your staging environment

I am confused because in both I can create portal/portlet etc....hence wondering what is the difference with "b" from "a"



  • 649271
    649271 Member Posts: 76
    Hello Manjit,

    a> While creating a portal, developer creates a .portal file adds pages and portlets to the portal and then when runs the .portal file, it is a file based portal which is good in many ways but you cannot do personalization and entitlements to some resources like pages etc.

    b> Based on the .portal file developed by the developer in part a, a portal admin or designated admin, can create a desktop in which case it is rendered as a streaming portal. It supports personalization and entitlement to all resources like pages etc. Also you can have multiple desktops based on a single .portal file. You can add, delete modify different components on a desktop like pages, books, portlets at runtime. Also you can have multiple desktops from same.portal file which can serve different users.

    Now it depends on your requirements which approach you want to take.
    Hope it helps

  • Manjit
    Manjit Member Posts: 571
    Thanks Manjit,I hope I got your point.

    Basically as a portal developer(I am a contractor here) ,my job is just developing a portal with different pages and portlets in those pages.

    Once I am done ,I supply my .portal file to the portal admin ,who then decides how it should be put together as part of the final product (I mean presenting it to different users based on their privelgest).

    I guess I really done care what the admin does with my .portal file.Am I right ?

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