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Capex error

649499 Member Posts: 46
edited Nov 11, 2008 9:17AM in Planning and Budgeting
Hi all,
Iam getting the following error while launching BR
Detail:Cannot calculate. Analytic Server Error(1200323): Error parsing formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 51): expression expected after [,]

Please help me out,


  • 645783
    645783 Member Posts: 91
    Would need more info, it sounds like the BR coding has not opened and closed the FIX statement correctly.
  • 654822
    654822 Member Posts: 16

    I am facing a similar error, and here is the BR:

    FIX([Employees], [Scenario], [Version], [Department], [Year], "BegBalance", [Department], "No Project_ID")

    (if ([Department]->[Employees]->"No Job_Code_Dim"->Jobcode== "No Entity"->"No Employee"->Jobcode->@CURRMBR(Job_Code_Dim))
    [Department]->[Employees]->"No Job_Code_Dim"->Grade = "No Entity"->"No Employee"->Grade->@CURRMBR(Job_Code_Dim);
    [Department]->[Employees]->"No Job_Code_Dim"->Grade =[Department]->[Employees]->"No Job_Code_Dim"->Grade;


    The problem seems to be in the FIX statement, as if I edit the FIX to FIX([Employees]), the rule validates fine but with mutiple dimensions in the FIX, it does not validate. I am validating against workforce Essbase App. (9.3.1)

    Any help will be greaty appreciated.

  • 596223
    596223 Member Posts: 208
    Looking at the fix you are using DEPARTMENT twice that might be an issue. Also it would normally indicate that one of the variables is not validating correctly and therefore the FIX is incorrect.

    Hope this helps

    Andy King
  • 654822
    654822 Member Posts: 16

    Thanks for your reply. I had removed the second occurence of [Department], but that did not help. Your suggestion of Essbase not lliking the parameters seems to be the problem. I have removed the parameters in the fix and the first assignment statement that I had and then the rule runs fine.

    This is strange as the parameter values do not have any spaces either. And the assignment does not seem to work in the BR either. So will continue to search for a solution.

    Thanks for the lead.
  • Hl-Oracle
    Hl-Oracle Member Posts: 23
    Coz you have fixed employees,department, you do not need to put them at left of equal mark.
  • 654822
    654822 Member Posts: 16
    edited Nov 11, 2008 9:17AM
    The problem was because of spaces in the member names in the FIX. As soon as I changed that, it worked!
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