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To buy or not to buy WebLogic Portal

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edited Jul 31, 2008 8:43PM in WebLogic Portal
Hi Folks,

We are facing a tough decision, we have resources for WebLogic Portal but are not sure whether to buy this product for our company to do our intanet, broker portal and supplier portal.

Oracle says Webcenter is their strategic product but we dont have any resources in this country for Webcenter so that is not an option.

Oracle also have not made it clear what the future of WebLogic portal is, besides for the "Continue & Converge" statement and the "9 years support" statement.

Could anyone please help us with information around the future of WebLogic Portal?




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    edited Jul 22, 2008 11:57AM

    I am working in WL and WLP since version 3.1.0 since year 2000. Its going nowhere. It is the market leader and now after WL 9.0, integrated ecliplse environment, it is better than ever. I have worked and working for fortune 10 clients and they have long term roadmap. After Oracle taking over Weblogic, its better for Weblogic. It will find a much bigger customer base, a much bigger financial stability, much larger integration capabilities, better support and marketing. OAS is not comparable to WL so I dont think Oracle is going to market OAS over WL and they will project WL as the production server. And now with 2.0 and WL already fully geared to support it, it will emerge as best Application Server. I have worked in other competitive AS also but none compared to WL. If you are going to Open Source AS like JBoss, then its different story alltogether. Although in near term, due to intergation of BEA and Oracle there might be small hiccups but we all know Oracle is a master of integration and now buying and merging companies is in their veins.

    Talk to WLP sales guy about road map.

    Best of luck !

    Thanks Vishnu

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    Vishnu Agrawal
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    Thank for the comments Vishnu,

    I also agree that WLP is the best product for Enterprise Portal deployments.
    Oracle has however stated that Webcenter Services and Suite are now their strategic portal applications and that WebLogic Portal will continue and converge. They have also stated that WebLogic Portal has a 9 year support plan. That means that there will be several major disruptions/changes for all WebLogic Portal customers.

    As far as a WLP roadmap, well I cant get any details from anyone. Nobody can tell me how much R&D will continue to be spent on WLP, will it fall behind on standards support because of less R&D spend? Which components of WLP we be replaced with Oracle components (such as Autonomy search replaced with SES) or the content managment or communities etc... They can say when this will happen? Nobody knows if there will be a migration kit etc...

    There are just so many questions that Oracle needs to answer around WebLogic Portal, can someone from Oracle please help me with some answers?
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    You may want to check:


    Please see page 6 for their recommendations.

    For communities they are advising people to build on WebCenter.

    I do not like the WebCenter license price- it is $125,000 list, unclear if we have to add a Weblogic Server in addition to that.

    Weblogic Portal with tight integration with Coherence was known to be scalable.

    WebCenter documentation has no benchmarks of any kind. What is the scalability of WebCenter?
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