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move to Weblogic bus

Chris Slattery
Chris Slattery Member Posts: 1,532 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 22, 2008 4:46AM in SOA Suite Discusssions
when were you going to tell us esb is going to be deprecated in favour of weblogic ?


  • 51151
    51151 Member Posts: 569
    I don't believe there is any official word on the matter. Currently both Service Bus are being sold.

    The fact is that Oracle has purchased BEA and these products need to be brought into line with Oracle products. It makes sense that Oracle proceeds with the stronger application. It looks like the Aqua Logic Service bus is the direction Oracle wants to go.

    Until 11g comes we won't know for sure the direction Oracle is heading with the BEA and Oracle products.

  • Hi chris & James,

    I read it some where that in a latest meet Oracle has announced convergence of Oracle ESB and AquaLogic Service Bus towards Oracle Service Bus. Oracle Service Bus will contain strong points of both ESB and AquaLogic-Service Bus.

  • Oracle service Bus (AKA ALSB) is the direction for a standalone ESB. It is a strong offering. In (next release), OSB will support Oracle JCA adapters and a transactional transport with BPEL as a first step towards integration with other oracle products.

    Oracle ESB evolves in 11g into the mediator where OESB services become part of a SCA composite along with BPEL. It will take time before OSB runs in the same JVM as BPEL, runs on other app servers besides weblogic, uses jdeveloper as the design time, and becomes part of an SCA composite from a design time .and deployment time perspective. If these are strong requirements now, I would still go with OESB even for a standalone ESB usecase.
  • orafad
    orafad Owner and Consultant Member Posts: 8,035 Silver Trophy
    edited Aug 19, 2008 5:22AM
    Is not released yet?

    On the main downloads page (SOA) the two links (win and linux) is for See All leads to AS 10.1.3.x downloads, where you'll spot a small text with " patch", that links to 101340 file that doesn't seem like a patch (not from the size). - I've confirmed that install zip(e.g. for win) is a patch set installer, even though it is larger than base install zip.

    Also, on this page there is no separate OSB download. That one is on the BEA downloads page (with WLS, BPM, etc.).

    Or were you referring to OSB

    Will a full SOA Suite release include the new OSB (with JCA support), and that enables the use of Oracle tech Adapters, or from which version will this be possible?

    added info regarding patch

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  • 655606
    655606 Member Posts: 5
    Current is a patchset for Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BAM. Aqualogic Service BUS has been rebranded as Oracle Service after the acquistion. Current Oracle ESB will be continued to be supported. Features of both the Service BUS will be conversed into Oracle Service BUS 11g. Currently the next patch set for Oracle Service Bus will fix certain issues and provide a JCA adapter framework to enable Oracle adapters on Oracle Service Bus. This patchset is expected in September 08. Hope this clarifies the question.
    -Anuj Mittal
    Oracle Asia pacific
  • 658118
    658118 Member Posts: 1
    just had a quick question about the new WebLogic Server 10.3 release. What service bus would work well with this app server? I was hoping ALSB 3.0 would work with it but it looks like it might be a pain.
  • SaurabhN-Oracle
    SaurabhN-Oracle Member Posts: 185 Employee

    Which will work best, answer to that will be subjective depending on what you prioritize on.

    ALSB currently works on only Weblogic while OESB works on other app servers too.
    You can sure discuss your pain points here, so that there can be clarifications about them and more appropriate answers.

  • 645695
    645695 Member Posts: 5
    edited Sep 8, 2008 1:52AM
  • Eric Elzinga
    Eric Elzinga Member Posts: 2,690

    Why would alsb3.0 be a pain to run in Weblogic server?
    At the moment i think it's the best server to run it in...also since it by default installs this one on installation on the alsb itself.
    In the near future weblogic will take over the place of for a little further look it would still be best if you ask me to stay with the weblogic, since upgrades will become easier.
  • 676091
    676091 Member Posts: 11
    Sorry Anuj but can you please clarify -

    since is a patchset for Oracle SOA suite 10g Release 3 which has the original Oracle ESB and not the BEA ALSB - we can assume that does not contain ALSB? Currently ALSB is only available in standalone mode? Am i correct?
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