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Query- IPC using JSF Portlets in WebLogic Portal

The question is how to pass data when doing InterPortlet Communication using Local JSF portlets in Weblogic Portal.

I will eloborate on the particular scenario we have below.

Two JSF portlets are build (both are not using Java Page Flows). The first porltet has a table of data. When the user clicks on one of the items in the table (which is coded using <h:commandLink/> option), the second portlet should show some details on the item clicked.

For example:
If there is a list of books in first portlet, when clicking on one of the book name, the details of book should come up in the second portlet.

To achieve this, faces event was enabled in first portlet with requestAttrPersistence option set to session.

For example :
<netuix:facesContent contentUri="/bookList.faces" requestAttrPersistence="session">
<netuix:facesEvent action="/bookDetails.faces" eventName="bookDetailEvent"/>

The second portlet was configured to handle faces events, particularly the bookDetailEvent.

<netuix:handleFacesEvent eventLabel="handleFacesEvent1" eventName="bookDetailEvent" fromSelfInstanceOnly="false" onlyIfDisplayed="true" sourceDefinitionLabels="JSFPortlet_1" sourceDefinitionWildcard="this">
<netuix:invokeFacesAction action="/bookDetails.faces"/>

Going by this method, how can we find the particular book whose detail has to be shown? As in JSF, we dont directly access the request attributes, what is the ideal way to pass data from one page to other?

Please help on this.
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