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plan.xml File Xpath Help

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edited Aug 15, 2008 4:29PM in WebLogic Portal
In the plan.xml file, is there a way to remove a content repository?

I was trying the following, and received an error that the content-store element cannot be assigned a value.


That error makes sense, but I'm curious if removing an entire element is possible -- any ideas?


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    655221 Member Posts: 116
    Content repositories that are defined in the app-scoped custom deployment descriptor META-INF/content-config.xml cannot be removed via the deployment plan (plan.xml). They have to be removed from META-INF/content-config.xml.

    If you had used the deployment plan to add the repository connection you would then be able to delete it by removing all references to it from the plan but you cannot use the plan to remove a repository connection that is defined in META-INF/content-config.xml.

    You may be better off using the APIs or the tools unless you are looking for a solution that you can use by hand in a development type of environment.

    The content management APIs for manipulating repository configuration use the deployment plan to persist changes to the configuration from META-INF/content-config.xml. The portal administration tools use the content management APIs to persist changes to the content-config.xml deployment configuration.
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