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Parsing a file in ODI

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edited Aug 26, 2008 5:35AM in Data Integrator
Hello all,

I am trying to read a value from a file and store it in a variable in ODI. The file is a flat file with a single value in the following format


What I would like to do is store that value as '20071229' in a variable. What I have done is create a file datastore in ODI that points to my file.

I have tried creating a variable and entering this in the 'refresh' tab

SELECT NEXT_DT FROM DONE_FILE (where NEXT_DT is what I called the column in my datastore, and DONE_FILE is the name of the datastore). The logical schema is also selected correctly and it points to the right physical scheme. The error I am getting is

"Error while executing query
Invalid format description"

So how can I remove the hyphens from this value and store it in a variable?

Your help is much appreciated.


  • Guru Sankar
    Guru Sankar Member Posts: 1,165
    edited Aug 26, 2008 5:35AM

    You can't do query in a FILE techno rather you can do a case statement in the mapping at interface level. For example,


    when <column_name> ='2007-12-29' then '20071229'
    else <column_name>


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