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Conecting RPD file to BI Publisher

I'm new to this and just need to be pointed in the right direction. Tried to read up on it but no luck..

I created an RPD file in the OBIEE admin tool and now want to use it to build reports in BI Publisher/Answers/Dashboards. (Just like the demos RPD 'Paint' & 'Samples Sales'.) But I can't figure out how to do it because BI Publisher won't read my RPD file- apparently because it only opens 'xdo' files.

What is an xdo file and how is it created? I also read that I can only feed BI Publisher data from an 'xml database'? My physical tables are in a 10g database. What is the usual path/tools for sourcing 10g data making an RDP file and having it read by BI Publisher? Thanks.


  • Hi John,

    Follow this link;

    Hopefully this will give you an idea.

    Good Luck,

    Daan Bakboord
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    Thanks Daan. The tutorial is interesting and will be of use in the future. It doesn't address my current problem though, which is: What is the usual procedure to take data from 10g, transform and restructure it in the ORACLE BI ADMINISTRATION TOOL and then use the data in BI Publisher from the RPD file? The only additional information I can give is that I don't think I have BI Server Installed. I have OC4J. It's a single machine installation.

    Can any one steer me in the right direction here?

    There is also one thing that REALLY puzzles me. Here is the list of the components of OBIEE, shown in the article you provided:

    Oracle BI Server
    Oracle BI Answers:
    Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards:
    Oracle BI Delivers:
    Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics:
    Oracle BI Publisher:

    Why does this list not include the most fundamental BI product of all: the ORACLE BI ADMINISTRATION TOOL? The ORACLE BI ADMINISTRATION TOOL does all the preparatory work. It has the 3 screens representing the 'Physical Layer, Business Layer & Presentation Layer'. It sucks in the data. It creates dimensions, hierarchies and measures & star schemas which go to a Presentation Layer for reporting purposes. How could it not be in the list?

    Thanks, John
  • Hi John,

    I hope I can help you out. If you want to integrate Oracle BI EE and Oracle BI Publisher, you should use an Oracle BI Answers report as the source for your Oracle BI Publisher report. This means you will have to install, the Oracle BI server tool as well. Then you can create an Oracle BI Answers report based on the RPD which you configured with the Oracle BI Administration Tool.

    I guess the reason why the Oracle BI Administration Tool is not mentioned as an seperate tool is because it's used to configure the Oracle BI Server. You should see the the Oracle BI Server as the core of the total Oracle BI Suite. The Oracle BI Administration Tool is just a part of this. Oracle BI Server does all the work.

    To make a long story short, If you want to use the RPD as the source for your Oracle BI Publisher report, you should install the server tools as well. Then you can create Oracle BI Answers report and off you go.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck,

    Daan Bakboord
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