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Getting error while propagating using Ant

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edited Jan 13, 2009 3:20PM in WebLogic Portal
Hi ,

I am working on Bea weblogic portal 10.2.
I am working on propagation tool using Ant.

While downloading source inventory file , I am getting following error.

The propagation servlet returned a failure response:
operation is halting due to the following failure: The role policy named [CorpCommManager]
is missing in RDBMS. If your WLP RD reset or recreated, you must also reset your domains LDAP.

Please suggest how to solve this or how to reset the domains LDAP.
please reply soon as this is very urgent.



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    Try These. One of these should work for you.

    Suggestion 1: First thing to try if you're running in a cluster 1. Stop the servers 2. backup your ldap folders found in <domain root>/servers/<server name>/data 3. Delete only the LDAP folders for the managed servers 4. Restart everything This will cause the LDAP to fully replicate from the admin server to the managed servers and hopefully the admin server LDAP is in sync with the DB

    Suggestion 2: If running an admin server only and have created NO entitlements or DA roles:
    1. Stop the server
    2. backup your ldap folder found in <domain root>/servers/<server name>/data 3. delete the ldap folder for the server and then restart

    Suggestion 3: If you have created entitlements or DA roles (admin server domain) then you'll have to clean out everyting in both the DB and the LDAP since there's no other way to sync them up.
    1. Stop the server
    2. Backup the LDAP folder and the DB
    3. Delete all rows from P13N_ENTITLEMENT_POLICY, P13N_ENTITLEMENT_ROLE, P13N_ENTITLEMENT_RESOURCE, P13N_ENTITLEMENT_APPLICATION, P13N_DELEGATED_HIERARCHY 4. Delete the LDAP folder as described above 5. Restart the server After doing this you'll have the recreate your entitlements and DA roles.

    If you're running a cluster and the first suggestion fails then you can try the second suggestion for all servers (assuming no entitlements or DA roles). Otherwise you'll have to follow suggestion 3 for all servers.

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    Propagation stops execution because it has detected there are problems in the source environment configuration. The best way to solve this is to reset LDAP.

    If it is urgent, you can force Propagation to move forward by using the continueOnValidationError flag.

    If you do this, make sure to verify your security roles and policies in destination after the Propagation.
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    One of the reasons for getting this error is that RolePolicyManager might have been used for creating Roles. I have created some roles using RolePolicyManager and when trying to run the propagation I am getting the same error. So probably deleting such Roles will work if its the case.
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