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How to Refactor in BPEL

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edited Sep 4, 2008 11:02AM in BPEL
Am I the only one who spelled a service wrongly or put it in a wrong spot?

Its really cumbersome the change a service once its finished. Isn't there a refactor mechanism or the like?

rgds, Henrik


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    206307 Member Posts: 1,760
    It all depends what you want to refactor.

    Yes, JDeveloper for SOA-BPEL/ESB is limited on refactoring.

    Create your own ANT scripts to do your refactoring tasks.

  • 658110
    658110 Member Posts: 3
    You might want to consider to use a BPMN modeling tool such as one from eClarus ( You can change variable name and message definition easily. It also can validate your model with various profiles (BPMN, BPEL 1.1, BPEL 2.0). I also found changing a flow is much easier with BPMN modeling than with BPEL editor directly.

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    Again it does depend on what you are trying to refactor but you can try using a text editor with good find/replace all files utility. Search for text what you are looking for in all your project files except output and replace them with the one you want. I mostly use this whenever such a need arises.

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