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Problems when starting Disco Plus with Workbooks via URL

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edited Sep 16, 2008 2:56AM in Discoverer

I often have the problem that the Discoverer seems to get stuck when I start the tool via URL and directly load a worksheet in a workbook.
That means I submit the connection details, the wrokbook-identifier and the worksheet ID via URL.

Discoverer loads normally, but then gets stuck when it opens the workbook.
I only see the empty Discoverer screen, means that the available items pane and used items pane are empty and there is nor cross-table displayed. In the left buttom corner he says nothing (before he displayed "Opening workbook..." in this place) and this little progress square in right buttom corner is not moving. The only thing I see are the worksheet-tabs of the workbook I try to open.

In this state it often lasts a few seconds but sometimes it never goes any further then.

I cannot see a high load on the BI app server or on the database at this moment.

Does anybody know about this issue?

Could this problem be connected with java-related or browser-related aspects?

Many thanks for any hints,


  • Hi Christian
    What version of Discoverer 10g are you using? I mean, have you upgraded to or and if so have you applied any cumulative patches?

    Best wishes
  • 603937
    603937 Member Posts: 45
    Hi Michael,

    We are on with CP8 installed. I always try to update very fast to new versions as I always hope this is going to solve this starting problem.

    The BI-AS runs on a four processor machine with 4Gig of RAM, together with an Infrastructure-AS, on Win 2003.
    Clients use Discoverer Plus on Win XP with IE 7 or Firefox 2 and Java 1.5.0-06 (seldom) or 1.6.0-01.

    The problems occures with both browsers. When it happens, the browser process generates 100% load on one or sometimes both CPU cores (if the user has a dual core machine) and gets stock. I then tell the people to not wait longer than half a minute, then kill the appropriate browser process (simply ending it is not enough or does not work) and try again. After the second or third starts, it usually works.

    The problem also occures sometimes when starting the discoverer plus in a normal, means without automatically opening a workbook. Then it sometimes gets stock when opening it in the normal way (start screen or File --> Open etc.). But the "normal" does not has the opportunity to start it without automaitc workbook load as we integrated the starting procedure into our software portal to prevent the user from inputting both SSO and Disco database passwords.

    Hope this information is useful for you.

    Let me at last tell you that I really like your Disco blog.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
  • Hi Christian
    Thanks for the kind words concerning my blog. I don't have as much time as I would like to devote to this so I have to pick and choose my comments. However, it is good to hear that folks are reading it. This will inspire me to do more :-)

    Ok, now to your specific issue. I also have a CP8 version which I have a suspicion has broken something on my machine. I am not 100% certain that this was the cause and the issue I am getting does not seem related to what you are seeing. Might I suggest as a test that you take out CP8 and re-instate CP7? If this does fix things then we need to get this information to Oracle ASAP. If it does not make any difference then we'll have to put our thinking caps on.

    Best wishes
  • 603937
    603937 Member Posts: 45
    I do not exxagurate if I say that your blog helps many people in dealing with this sometimes really strange tool.

    To my problem: Maybe I was unclear, but CP8 is not the cause as I noticed this problem also with CP7, CP5, CP3 and before without any CP on plain

    I will continue invesitgating this behaviour.

    Nevertheless, I think it has to do with Java and the general Performance of the Client-Machine running the Discoverer Plus-Applet.
    Many people here having only 1Gig of RAM tell me about performance issues with the tool whereas people with 2Gig do not that often. This is one thing.

    The other thing is java... We are using (as I said) Java 1.6.0-01 (Update 1) in general. Today I tried Java 1.6.0-10 (current RC, not yet final) and was blasted off my chair because the starting procedure was incredible fast with this version. I also installed this java on an old and slow machine with less (1Gig) RAM and it was really fast there, too. I will do some testing for the next week and hopefully not see this stupid starting behaviour again. The problem is that I do not have a testing environment here and not much time to test, otherwise I would have discovered (:-P) a faster and better version of java earlier.
    So if you have some time and place to test, try Java 1.6.0-10.
    Maybe this helps other people, too, who face perofrmance issues, especially when starting the tool.

    I'll keep you updated.


  • Hi Christian
    Most interesting. There is a note on MetaLink (728452.1) that describes how to force Discoverer to use a certain version of Java. If you're saying that Jave 1.6.0-10 is much faster then this is really interesting. I don't have a system on which I can test this but if you are able to continue your research this will be very helpful and may even prompt a blog posting.

    What I'm particularly interested in knowing is whether this newer version of Java works even on systems where the application server is still running Java 1.4 because this knowledge could be a breakthrough. I've personally been reticent to experiment much with 1.6 because the few clients that I have who have tried it have all reported a general slowing down, particularly with opening the applet.

    With regards to 1 GB or 2 GB my recommendation has always been to use 2 GB. On page 922 in Appendix A of my Oracle Discoverer Handbook, available from Amazon by the way, I answer this question:

    QUESTION: We are running Discoverer Plus. How much memory do you suggest individual PCs should have? We are strictly using Discoverer Plus and Viewer and find the performance to be really slow.

    ANSWER: Your question concerning memory on the client is most interesting. Even though Plus and Viewer are web-based applications, the amount of memory available on the client does make a significant difference. I used to say that 512 Mb was needed but I have personally come across performance issues at a client whose machines have that amount of memory. My own laptop, which has 2Gb of RAM has no such issues. I will therefore be recommending a minimum of 1Gb from now on with an optimum of 2Gb. If you can possibly afford it, your new Plus machines should have at least 1Gb and be capable of being expanded to 2Gb should the need arise. Of course, if you can get 2Gb to begin with you will have far fewer issues.

    Best wishes
    Michael Armstrong-Smith
  • 603937
    603937 Member Posts: 45

    the note you provided was very useful as I now have located notes about Disco and recommended java version I never found before with the fulltext search on metalink.
    Seemed that Java really was a problem.... not for all problems here, but for many performance related issues. Although I have to say that Java 1.5.0-06 did not do better in my testing. Only java 1.6.0-03 was really a big problem concerning overall tool performance.
    So people using newer versions of java (1.6.0-04 or newer) on their clients might not see the same improvement of performance as I did.

    The app server uses the version of java it was shipped with, so something around 1.4.2 I think. So yes, app server and clients run on different versions of java. Never thought that this is something special ;-).

    So you recommend 2GB of RAM... well, I never thought Disco is so RAM consuming on the client.

    Good Night ( ;-) )
  • 603937
    603937 Member Posts: 45
    After almost one and a half week using this new Java Update 10 RC, I can say that it really was a great idea to use it and I can't wait for the final release of Java 1.6.0 Update 10.
    As mentioned in sun's release notes for 1.6.0 u10 RC, the new cold start behavior (first start) of a java application dramatically reduces Discoverers startup time after initially downloading the applet. The application itself feels running smooth; paging, scrolling, refresh of the table area happens fast (maybe also thanks to CP8).

    So guys somehow suffering from a poor performance of Disco should give Java 1.6.0 update 10 a try.

    Best wishes,
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