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Shared Services Configuration error msg

.Iain. Member Posts: 15 Blue Ribbon
edited Nov 10, 2008 3:59PM in Financial Consolidation

I'm trying to set up HFM (9.3) on a Windows 2003 Enterprise server (SP2), when trying to configure shared services with SQL 2005 I get an error message that it was unable to connect to the database.

In SQL I set up a database called SSHARE and a user HFMAdmin as DBO to the database. I can link to the database using a UDL file and get a successful connection, yet not so in the config utility......SQL is set in both windows and SQL authentication.

I'm pretty new to the SQL world, if anyone has a dummies guide to setting up databases for HFM or can help out it would be greatly appreciated.



  • John A Booth
    John A Booth Member Posts: 1,508
    Is your hfmadmin id a local SQL account or AD account? I've had very mixed results using Microsoft Authenticated SQL. For instance most of EPMA will work however one process will not work with MS Authenticated.


  • 652348
    652348 Member Posts: 113
    ok this how to trouble shoot your problem.

    First create a database on sql server with sql server account. Try to login using ung sql server account and when you see your database then there is no problem.

    After that open the sql server configuration manager. then browse each category make sure you
    ENABLE YOUR TCP IP connections. so that sql server will allow you to connect from other application.

    user your username and password in the hyperion configuration and the database name that you create in sql server
  • .Iain.
    .Iain. Member Posts: 15 Blue Ribbon
    The problem was that when SQL was installed it wasn't using the standard port.
  • 669676
    669676 Member Posts: 25
    Can you describe how you fixed the issue of the port.

    Thank you.
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