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Portal & Discoverer url Name change

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edited Sep 10, 2008 12:15PM in Discoverer

We are in a situation of company name change.

We have our oracle portal page, discoverer plus & viewer with present name ABC, where we change the company name from ABC to XYZ in Discoverer & Portal

for discoverer is it the *(httpd.conf )* file which i need to include the server name & url name. (Present portal page) (present discoverer plus & viewer page) (future portal page) (future discoverer plus & viewer page)


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  • Hi
    Rather than having to reinstall your application server try adding a virtual host to your system.

    If you edit the httpd.conf file and look for the section called VirtualHost you can add an entry for your new server. The entry might look like this:


    The file will be found here: ORACLE_HOME$\Apache\Apache\conf

    HTTPS is more complex so you should also take a look on MetaLink at this note: 359070.1

    Best wishes
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    440293 Member Posts: 16
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    Hi Michael,

    for discoverer i would be adding a entry to virtual host,can you also throw some light about changing the name of Portal url.

    our users would be login into portal and would be running the discoverer reports ,which would be redirecting to the discoverer viewer..

    we need to do the name change on portal url & as well as discoverer url



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  • Hi Red
    I have limited knowledge in this area and could easily guide you down the wrong path.

    If the virtual host trick did not work then my recommendation would be to raise a service request on MetaLink and get Oracle Support involved. I have found them to be really helpful of late.

    Can anyone else throw in a comment or two or advice?

    Best wishes
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    Metalink Note:434795.1 How to use Multiple URLs to access one portal for Portal versions 10.1.2 and above covers the steps required to configure a secondary URL. As you did not include Portal version, for version 9.0.4, Metalink Note is 262451.1

    Portal v10.1.2.x and higher, steps are as follow:
    1. Create new Virtual host block in OHS;
    2. Update local hosts file;
    3. Create a nw Portal partner app;
    4. Add mod_osso entry for the virtual host;
    5. Make WebCache invalidation requests host independent;
    6. Update WebCache configuration to include the new Virtual host site to origin server mapping

    There might be additional steps if you use High availability configuration or SSL. Please refer to the Metalink note (above).

    Discoverer portion:
    1. Go to $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/OC4J_BI_Forms/config
    2. Open
    3. Update the following line to point to new URL:<new URL>
    4. Bounce OC4J_BI_Forms


  • Hi George
    Thanks for the valuable information.

    Red: it seems that my advice concerning adding a virtual host is only part of the solution. Please follow through the advice given by George and let us know if you need further help.

    Best wishes
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