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Admin Portal URL Syntax to Show Content?

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edited Sep 10, 2008 10:08AM in WebLogic Portal
I'm rethinking my idea of expanding the content portlet samples from the dev to dev site and instead creating a tag library that if you have access it produces an icon that is a link to the piece of content in the admin portal...
Is there any url syntax in which I could do this? for example ( http://localhost:7001/myEARAdmin/portal.portal?node=/BEARepo/myFolder/mycontent )
Or is there any other options?


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    648328 Member Posts: 53
    With the lack of response I'm guessing this isn't a possibility...
    Well I was looking and I found these two articles and was wondering if it's possible to combine them somewhat...

    This article talks about admin portlets reuse (minus most of the important ones)
    I'm mostly interested in the end of the article "Using Portlet Resource IDs to Generate Events "

    And this article
    Which talks about extending the existing admin portal

    Has anyone had any experience in either of these items.... My 2nd thought, if creating a url that takes you to the specific content in the portal admin is not possible, is to possibly create a portlet on the admin portal that looked at the current url and if it contained certain items then would generate the even to show the content..

    This is a really complicated idea so I am open to anything else.....
    All I want to do is be able to have a url that opens up the portal admin (makes the user login) and then it takes them to a specific peice of content so they don't have to go find it....

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