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Orphan folders in Disoc 3i

656913 Member Posts: 6
edited Sep 22, 2008 1:32PM in Discoverer
Hi All,

I am trying to identify all the orphan folders in Discoverer 3i. I know its possible to check the folder and business area relationship from Tools - manage Folders. Was wonderig if there is any way to identify them from the EUL_OBJS or EUL_Expressions table.



  • puppethead-Oracle
    puppethead-Oracle Member Posts: 958 Employee
    This works for a Disco 10g EUL:
    SELECT obj_name
    FROM eul5_objs
    WHERE obj_ba_id IS NULL
    AND obj_id NOT IN
    (SELECT bol_obj_id
    FROM eul5_ba_obj_links);
    It should work on a 3i EUL with the appropriate table name tweaks
  • Hi
    As an FYI, Oracle introduced the numbering of EUL objects when they brought out Discoverer 4, so that changing Puppethead's code references from EUL5 to EUL4 should work in Discoverer 4.1

    For Discoverer 3 there was no such naming convention. I no longer have a Discoverer 3 system installed at my office so I can't test it but try dropping off the number 5 from all of the objects and see if that works. You therefore should have something like this:

    SELECT obj_name
    FROM eul_objs
    WHERE obj_ba_id IS NULL
    AND obj_id NOT IN
    (SELECT bol_obj_id
    FROM eul_ba_obj_links);

    Best wishes

  • 534414
    534414 Member Posts: 58
    Hi All,

    Probably the problem is already taken care of but thought of sharing what I had used a few days ago. I modified Michael's query to include the 3i tables.


    SELECT obj_name
    from eul_objs eo,
    eul_ba_obj_links ebol,
    eul_business_areas eba
    where eba.ba_id = ebol.bol_ba_id
    AND ebol.bol_obj_id = eo.obj_id
    AND obj_id NOT IN (SELECT bol_obj_id FROM eul_ba_obj_links)
    and bol_ba_id IS NULL
  • Thanks Paul, much appreciated

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